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Our Featured Cloud Services

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Virtual Caption Encoding for Live Streaming

  • Route caption data from iCap to popular web video hosting services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Wowza
  • Quick and easy on-demand setup
  • Seamless iCap integration for caption agencies
  • The affordable way to caption streams with a subscription billing model
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Automated Captioning Service

  • Superior quality caption automation
  • Expansive self-learning structure
  • Breakthrough topic model technology
  • Accessible on EEG hardware, IP video, and cloud encoders
  • Flexible pricing for all applications

Leverage The Included Utility Suite

Caption File Converter

Import and export all common closed captioning and subtitling file formats

iCap Archive Assembler

Instant access to as-run caption data from iCap that can easily be repurposed for offline content

Caption Compliance Checker

Automated detection of issues such as timing, readability, and garbling