Live streaming RTMP encoder


  • The only customer manager, cloud based, self serve platform for adding captions to your RTMP stream.
  • Quick and easy on-demand set up.
  • Seamless iCap integration for caption agencies.
  • Route caption data from iCap to popular web video hosting services such as YouTube, Facebook and Wowza.
  • The affordable way to caption streams with a subscription billing model.

Achieve quality rivalling human captions at a fraction of the cost 

LEXI AI-Powered Automatic Captioning

  • Consistently delivers over 98% accuracy.
  • Easily track speaker changes with automated speaker identification.
  • LEXI's AI technology repositions captions to avoid on-screen interference.
  • Topic Models maximize accuracy by recognizing unique terms, unusual or domain-specific words, phrases, names and context.
  • Compatible with our EEG technology hardware, IP and cloud based caption encoders.

Translation solution that makes global reach more efficient and cost effective

LEXI Translate

  • Automatically translate from any language to any language and display as subtitles.
  • Compatible with our EEG technology hardware, IP and cloud-based caption encoders, PLUS other third-party iCap integrations.
  • Perfect solution for corporate meetings, global events and conferences, religious services, and broadcast of multilingual content.